A Musical Play by Kathy M. Hampton AKA Kathy Bee
© Copyright 1992

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The colorful, delightful musical about new Christmas Toys
who learn first-hand what happens to toys
when they belong to spoiled children.

And ultimately discover
the greatest gift is the gift of love and
that's our greatest blessing!



The Award Winning Musical

In 1995 The Christmas Toys was a (sold-out) success for the GOLDEN STATE CHILDREN'S theater group who performed at the La Mirada Theater (1,00+ seats) in Southern California where they received
The Rainbow Award
for Best Actress and Best Supporting Actress.
In 1993 Hilo, Hawaii The Christmas Toys picked up the TIKKI Award for Best Actress! 

This new musical play is available to be produced by your Community Theater, School or Church for the 2011 Season...


Why Produce For Your Next 2011 Season


It's colorful...it's magical!

New musical play comparable to A Christmas Carol meets Babes In Toyland!

For general audiences of All Ages (2 to 92)!

New music, catchy memorable show-stopper songs!

Special holiday heartfelt message that leaves the audience feeling really good!

Instant access...along with the script, instrumental & vocal lead tracks are all downloadable!

Holds the audience's attention throughout the entire play!

You can increase the cast size or double-up on parts for a smaller cast size!

There are multiple lead parts for the actors!

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